Children Library

"Children Library "

Children and teenagers library of the Librarian House, which is related to the Children’s Book Council, has been working since the spring of 2005. This library holds over 5000 resources in all fields (books, press, CD, talking books, touch books, maps, educational posters and concentration games). At the moment, this library enjoys more than 1000 members (boys and girls) ranging from different age groups (3 months to 16 years old). The resources are kept in open shelves based on DOI (Digital Object Identifier) numbering system and can be found and located by a special library software. In addition to keeping the resources and holding workshops for children and teenagers (introduction to reference books, introduction to children and teenagers press, teaching librarianship to children and teenagers, teaching research methodology, introduction to life skills, etc.), this library holds additional ceremonies and programs on different national, religious and international occasions during the year. Apart from the above mentioned services, the other activities of this library include going on field trips to different scientific, cultural and artistic centers, storytelling in the story room, playing games and entertainment, creative playing, reading stories aloud, showing movies, book criticism, visiting writers and illustrators of children books, and so on. Children and teenagers from 0 to 16 years old can sign up by paying the membership fee and then can use the databases and the programs. This library is open every day from 8 am to 5 pm except Thursdays, Fridays and official holidays.  
Art & creation: Acquainting children with environment trough using art and reading, upbringing their creation power and teaching techniques like: painting, sculpture, collage, handwork and …
Story telling: acquainting children with classical literature and Iranian traditions, to increase their creation power.
Book reading & criticizing books: Increasing the expression skills and talking in public, creating and reinforcing critical thinking.
Game & toy house: Traditional and dynamic games emphasizing on team games and partnership, self-help and social skills, didactic and recreational activities to play with toys with aim, reviving traditional games instead of computer games, reinforcing body skills, introducing library sources and game books.
Instructing librarianship: Acquaintance with the field of librarianship and introducing the library and methods of utilizing it.
Preparing publication: In addition to acquaintance with publication proper to their age group, children and young people prepare publications with topics of summer activities and the library. In this workshop, children practice writing, analyzing, studying and team work.
Poetry: Acquaintance with children and young people' poetry poets and visits with poets.
Performance: Teaching performance art and performing as a way of concept transmission.
Working with reference books: Use reference books such as the Encyclopedia for Young People.
Story writing: Upbringing the creative and imagination power to see the environment, reinforcing writing skills.
Films: To acquaint members with the process of movie making and genres.
Touring: To acquaint with Iran and covering plants.
Sculpture: Acquaintance with sculpture methods and tools.
Myths & legends: Acquaintance with Iranian and others' myths and legends.
Astronomy: Acquaintance with astronomy and related subjects.
Science & technology: Science experiments related to school books.
Art & literature club: Based on topics like different artistic and literal activities such as art and creative power, hand work, painting, game, performance, book making, storytelling, sculpture etc. In this club in addition to mentioned techniques, team work skills, thought and reinforcing self confidence are stressed.
Environment club: To know the environment and all of its aspects, the region’s environmental history, acquaintance with natural life, gardening, etc. In forms of game, research, visits, practical and team work.
Life skills: Occasions like teaching how to live and how to face in individual and social life, through studying, writing practice and discussions.