Specialized Library

"Specialized Library"
In order to train librarians and promoters, the Librarian House has established a special library in its premises since 2006. This special library has been equipped with reference books, special reading articles for children and teenagers and theoretical and applied texts for children and teenagers. It also provides librarians, teachers, researchers and other interested ones in the related fields with various services. In addition to databases, reading programs with the presence of the librarians and the promoters in the premises is another provided service. This library offers special workshops for the members’ parents such as the behavior toward children and teenagers, reading SHAHNAMEH¹, game and creativity in the family, introduction to life skills and so on.
A variety of workshops are offered in order to acquaintance families, mainly mothers with upbringing methods, how to create a proper living environment for children and young people, creative teaching methods and teaching how to improve the family relationship, for the professional library members:
Creative teaching, effective elements on child's studying, working with disabled children, increasing the respect between the family members, family general hygiene, today children upbringing needs, self confidence in children and young people, healthy nourishment for children, teaching pre-school skills at home, family life literature, family council, healthy exercise for families, cultural talk, art and joy in the family.
Other workshops with the aim of upgrading the parents' cultural skills are:
Reading Masnavi, reading Shahnameh, study groups, making puppets, puppet shows, etc.